Kymmenen floppia ja menestystä uusiutuvissa

Fortune lehti on listannut vuodelle 2008 kymmenen suurinta ympäristöteknologian voittoa ja vastaavasti vuoden suurimmat epäonnistumiset.

The 10 Biggest Cleantech Victories of 2008
1) The Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit Passed…Finally:
2) Obama Won, Promises Cleantech Support
3) Record Level of Cleantech Investing
4) Massive U.S. Solar Plants Moved Forward
5) First Solar’s Panels Reached Grid Parity?
6) Mainstream Tech Went Green
7) Better Place Struck Deals
8) U.S. Wind Market Blew Strong
9) The Year of Plans
10) Electric Vehicles On the Horizon

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But there were a lot of missed opportunities this year, too
1) Tesla Hits A Wall
2) EEStor Delays Some More
3) T. Boone Derailed
4) Wave Power Plan Gets Washed Away
5) The Clean Coal Lobby Gets Dirty
6) Corn Ethanol Industry Still Asking for Aid
7) GM Still Featuring Bob Lutz
8) UK Wind Plans Blowing Away
9) It’s Gonna Be A Lot Harder Than We Thought
10) The Current Administration

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